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Therapeutic Exercises

Cat on an exercise ball.

The basis of any rehabilitation, sports training or geriatric conditioning program is targeted therapeutic exercises.

Therapeutic exercises are individually selected for a patient’s condition.  As in human physical therapy, these are targeted to treat a specific musculoskeletal issue or to increase balance, strength and flexibility. Therapeutic exercises address issues of muscle weakness or imbalance, lack of muscle coordination, and improper gait.

Therapeutic exercises may include the use of balance boards, large exercise balls, and exercise poles that look similar to agility jump equipment but are placed much lower to the ground. We also use exercise bands to increase resistance or provide support to different muscle groups and small platforms to encourage weight bearing and stretching.

Happy dog after exercising

As with humans, frequent repetition of an exercise will provide more gain than an occasional workout session. At the end of each visit, you will be provided a list of simple exercises that you can do with your dog or cat. These exercises should not take more than a few minutes per day. These exercises will change over time as your cat or dog progresses with rehabilitation therapy, conditioning or sports training.