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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy (also called “photobiomodulation”) involves using light energy to produce positive effects in the body.  These effects include reducing inflammation and edema (swelling with fluid), reducing pain, and promoting healing in a variety of conditions. 

Laser therapy is an adjunct treatment to more traditional medications and therapies.  Laser therapy can be used on chronic conditions such as arthritis, after an injury, post-surgically, or for a variety of medical conditions, including but not limited to inflammatory bowel and bladder disease, pancreatitis, and kidney disease.

There are several journals in human medicine dedicated to laser therapy.  Research into the mechanisms by which this therapy works is ongoing.  According to some of the researchers, in response to laser therapy more oxygen can bind to the part of cells called mitochondria.  In turn, the cell has more energy.  There is also research focused on the release of certain growth factors with the application of laser therapy.

Veterinary laser therapy started in the horse world before becoming more commonly used for companion animals.

Laser therapy can also be used on acupuncture points for those patients who are prefer no needles or those who are too small for traditional acupuncture needles, such as pet birds.